My iPhone app – iDueDay count down

October 1, 2009

I wrote this simple iPhone app for fun and also for my family:

iDueDay is a tool that will easily count down to a list of specific days. You can add and view list of due days in a chronological order.

In addition you can use different colors to categorize the due days.

– To add a new due day, you can simply enter a name, assign a category color, and specify the due date.

– To view the list of existing due dates. Go to the “List my due days” screen. The list will show all of your defined due days in a chronological order from older dates to newer (future) dates

– To modify an existing due day, select it in the list and choose Edit to change its name, color, and due date. You can also delete it from this screen if you no longer need it

Learning iPhone and Cocoa-Objective-C development from a .Net/C# background is quite interesting experiences.