Nibbles Blend/WPF/XAML Tutorial site

For those of you who are still new to the world of Blend/WPF/XAML, here is a nice collection of tutorials on the Nibble’s site:

As for the lack of recent updates on this blog, I’ve been busy working on some internal middle-ware framework that are no-less amazing than WPF. It is good to see the WPF and especially XAML is attracting more attentions from the development community, even the Java/Eclipse community. Take a look at the eFace XAML engine for Java/Eclipse, you will see that the mark-up and declarative programming methodology is making ways into more traditional development worlds.

This is also happening to the middle-ware applets I am working on now. From Spring.Net, Castle/Windsor, we see more development approaches that adopt the MVC pattern and declarative ways of doing and implementing things. WPF is no exception here.

I will update more when I have more inspirations to share, not only limited to WPF or XAML anymore 🙂


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