Mini Task Pane in WPF

I was searching for a sample task pane implementation in WPF that I can use in one of my applications. What I was looking for is something that works similar as the mini task pane that exists in Windows XP Explorer.Originally I thought templating the Expander should be easy. But after couple of trials, I gave up and instead went the route to build my own composite User Control to completely customize the look and feel I need. It turned out building such task pane in XAML is fairly straightforward and not difficult at all. This again proves the “Power of Composition” in the design philosophy in WPF. The animation and the effects are pretty standard: ScaleTransform animation for the bottom panel and the RotateTransform animation on the header image icon when the expander is clicked. I really like WPF more and more comparing to the old days when I was working with Win Forms. This will be a non-trivial task if implemented in Windows Forms.

Here is the results of the mini task pane I’ve built.

You can get the source code of the demo project here.

[Updated: 1/16/2009]

New source code link updated here


3 Responses to Mini Task Pane in WPF

  1. Daniel says:

    Could you please re-upload the source code or send it to me? I would be very grateful!

  2. ligao101 says:

    Hi Daniel,

    New source code link is posted at the bottom of the blog.

  3. Dinesh says:

    Thanks for this example.

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