Performance tuning of WPF Applications (Part I)

These days as I am digging more into WPF and XAML into more complex applications, I’ve got hit more and more by performance and scalability issues. So I did some research over the past few days and came up with the following list of links that I hope you can find them helpful in your own XAML/WPF applications.

  • Optimizing Performance w/ StreamGeometry. If you are doing a lot of creating/destroying geometric shapes, such as 2D charts, data clouds in your application, then this article may worth a reading.
  • Here is a more complete overview and a set of guidelines for optimizing your WPF application. Of this article, I find the following sections particular useful in enterprise-oriented WPF applications: software rendering pipeline considerations, freezable elements, different layout panel container considerations when building very complex UI.
  • Consider XamlReader and XamlWriter for faster duplication of many identical UI across different domains or windows.

I will write more about my thoughts on performance tuning in later parts of this series.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you try the Performance Profiler for WPF to profile your complex WPF application and see where your performance bottleneck is.


3 Responses to Performance tuning of WPF Applications (Part I)

  1. […] much faster sorting for ListView in WPF In my first part of performance tuning techniques, I’ve review some general approaches. Now I want to show you how to fine tune your ListView […]

  2. marlon says:


    The link # Optimizing Performance w/ StreamGeometry is not working can you please give me the working link because i really need it


  3. ligao101 says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. The link has been corrected.

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