Top 10 reasons why WPF is superior to Winform

For those come from the .Net 1.1/2.0 Windows Forms UI world, if you are still researching about the capabilities of WPF vs. Windows Forms technology, MSDN has an excellent article on this topic: Top Ten UI Development Breakthroughs In Windows Presentation Foundation. In summary, the top 10 reasons are:

10. Advanced Graphics
9. Drawing Object Model
8. Rich Application Text
7. Adaptable UI Layout
6. Flexible Content Model
5. Lookless Controls
4. Data-Driven UI
3. Consistent Styles
2. Triggers
1. Declarative Programming

If you are new to WPF, this article is highly recommended as it gives you a brief and concise overview of major features and new concepts in WPF.

Despite of some glitches and frustrations over anti-alias implementation in WPF/XAML, I still believe WPF is far more flexible and capable than Windows Forms.


3 Responses to Top 10 reasons why WPF is superior to Winform

  1. MrBill says:

    Top Ten Reasons WPF isn’t better than Winforms

    10. Unless your a designer your going to produce crappy looking programs.
    9. Not really geared for Desktop development.
    8. Drag and drop features are terrible.
    7. A lot of controls are missing.
    6. Development time is probably 3 or 4 times what Winforms would be.
    5. Not Stable.
    4. The designer in VS is a waste of time. Use Blend.
    3. You have to have a pretty beefy computer to run it on.
    2. Graphic intensive.
    1. You can’t write code effiently without being an expert at magically knowing what to type into xaml and reading 5 books.

  2. kashif says:

    Nice Work…………
    Really Help full. Thankx

  3. atran says:

    wpf performance is slower than winform because of the rendering process.

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