Anti-alias for WPF 3D on Windows XP?

Has anyone tried implementing 3D graphics on Windows XP? I am using a Dell Latitude D620 laptop to develop this WPF-based 3D chart library, and find out there is no way to work around this anti-alias issue on Windows XP?

Here is an example of the chart I am trying to develop:

Look how bad it is without anti-alias on. I searched all WPF forums and blogs, and it seems there is no way to turn on AA on Windows XP. Very disappointed 😦

Why Microsoft supports AA on Windows Vista while turns it off on Windows XP? The underlying hardwares aren’t the same for both OS on the same laptop? This is a HUGE negative point I’d give to the WPF team as you know there are plenty of business and corporations out there who are still on Windows XP and who’d like to adopt WPF-based technology to enhance usabilities otherwise. I think even Java 3D does better than this!!! — Not mentioning Flash/Flex has smoother 3D support that this!

If you happen to know the tricks to make the AA works under Windows XP (SP2), I’d highly appreciate. 🙂

The chart itself was simply written in XAML with very little C# code behind to generate the mesh and random data.


2 Responses to Anti-alias for WPF 3D on Windows XP?

  1. […] I am hitting more issues with anti-alias in WPF. While it is frustrated to see there is no anti-alias support for 3D in WPF on Windows XP, it is even stranger to see that the text rendering in WPF has always-on anti-alias without giving […]

  2. Alan says:

    If you would like to turn anti-aliasing on in XP, take a look at the following post:

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