WPF books recommendation

A friend of mine who recently gets involved in a WPF/XAML project asked me for a list of books (a short list!) that I can recommend to her as a “quick start” reading. So, if you are also new to this field, I’d recommend the following two books:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed. This book is printed in color and most of the illustrations are in color. It covers the basics of XAML and important concepts in WPF that can help you quick start on WPF/XAML.
  • Essential Windows Presentation Foundation. Written by the former WPF lead architect Chris Anderson, this book gives you first-hand insights into the design decisions and how WPF works internally. Highly recommend if you want to dive a bit deeper into the internals of WPF.

If you have more good WPF-based books to recommend, you are welcome to list them by posting comments under this blog entry.


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