A peek into Flex2/ActionScript3 world

Being a heavy-Microsoft-centric technologist for so many years, I just happened to take a quick and very skin-deep peek into the Adobe Flex 2/ ActionScript 3 world of development. Though admittedly my very basic and limited knowledge of Flex/AS, I see both the power/beauty of Flex as well as the limitations of the platform. I am sure the list will grow longer when I dive more into this amazing Adobe platform.

  • Richer class library of animations. Flex2/AS seems have more support for real-life 2D animations than WPF/XAML offers
  • Multi-threading or lack of it: As far as I learned, seems there is not much multi-threading support on the Flex/AS platform. While WPF / XAML, through its underlying .Net Framework 2.0/3.0, the support for multi-threading is very strong and inherited.
  • Some useful and richer UI classes in Flex2 that cannot be found in WPF/XAML. I wish I can find better built-in support for charting (at least 2D charting) as we see in the Flex2. This is one of the areas in WPF/XAML I’d like to see more improvement. Although we can accomplish 2D interactive charting in WPF/XAML with little efforts, having a built-in, standard support can save a lot of development/support time in many business applications.
  • Media support. Flex2 has more support for types of media than WPF/XAML has. Also the MediaElement in WPF/XAML only works with the latest (or at least version 10) of Windows Media, which is really a drawback. Why not support for YouTube Google Video or other popular internet video format also? Why not support Flash movie also? WPF is definitely lagging behind Flex in this area

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